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Oleg Kaplan
«It is not easy to define the genre of his work absolutely precisely. Externally it looks like a still life - photos
of tastefully shipped items. But the accuracy of drawing and trimming, expressive shapes and colors, texture
and sonority - it is rather a painting. Emotional states, trapped in a silent action items - a theater. By persisting indefinitely in these pictures of time, spanning his meditative and visual generalizations - it is a philosophy.
And finally, by way of submission, the genre of the story - this is a monologue».
Alexander Lavrentiev, Doctor of Arts.

Photographers seek to transform reality, though any; something in the photo may be beautiful - or terrifying,
great or intolerable - even if in life it looks quite different. Transformation of reality - that's what the art is, Syuzen Sontag wrote about it yet.

Photo artist Oleg Kaplan was born in 1967 in Moscow into a family of artists. Known for his series of photographs entitled «Glass». Among his accomplishments - many popular galleries of works, several prestigious awards and work with major publishers. Oleg dedicated his life to photography. Any expert or critic can not definitively characterize
the genre in which the author works.

Scope of the genre-like frameworks of existence, limit, driving creativity in doling styles and trends here. How to understand and appreciate the pictures, the creation of which is spent life? What scientific language can explain the motion of one person who has subjected himself to art? Art is not for the sake of art, and what else but art. This is how the program, planted somewhere inside. It is impossible not to run. Endless pursuit of chimeras, fleeting
harmony vanishing, craving for perfection and again a new movement, a new battle. Each shot is done
in the limiting voltage, no frame is not done just so.

Oleg Kaplan's creativity comes true at once in many directions: shooting a glass, a subject, a model, a genre
or a landscape. One subject is replaced by another, gaining strength in each vector of the movement. Its invention is expressed in operation and updated in necessary continuity. Oleg doesn't borrow style, isn't submitted influence, he looks for an essence necessary to it: combinations of color shades of Van Gogh, wonderful minimalism of Karl Blossfeld, geometrization and Rodchenko's constructivism, innovation and amazing inventions of Irving Penn.
Any idea is transformed.

The clarity of the intent of the photos Oleg achieved through simplification, self-discipline, the drama and the increasing intensity of the action. The reality in frames subject to forces that does not destroy , but rebirth , rebuild it in the new order, in a more pure form. This force is the personality of the artist, photographer. Ideal in the spirit, in the manner and direction of thought, the form is not primary, it is just a consequence.

Oleg Kaplan, the pictorialist who removes the searches «for a side». Experience of borders of the cognizable is unique. In authors of such exclusive originality we are attracted by authority of the personality, gravity of the taken task, reckless readiness to offer itself for the sake of the truth. Own art by Oleg Kaplan has developed and is developing smoothly, without sudden emptiness. From series to series, it is still the same river, carrying water smoothly or quickly. But the water does not stop, it's all the same water, a mixing various threads. Regardless of short-term fashion trends, regardless of overhanging photographers classics, regardless of popular opinion, that in the world of art has come a protracted interval, Oleg Kaplan correctly and consistently goes its own way, by
changing ourselves, but without changing itself.

Wassily Kandinsky wrote that every «cultural period creates its own art, which can not be repeated.»
Zeitgeist, as a necessary condition, as given through which Oleg realizes his reconciliation with the outside world. Photography as a challenge, as a way to transform the reality, as the search for reality extraordinary, new,
different. Many of the changes undergone visual art of the 21st century, mixed spiritual and material values, the frantic search for new substitutes often more meaningful picture function. What is the value of art as objectively measure the contribution of the author? They say that the cost of painting or photography, with a past auction for millions of dollars, includes the cost of many thousands of works made up before this masterpiece.
Perhaps the most important indicator - whether to change us what we see. Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Edward Weston and Oleg Kaplan they are authors whose image changes the viewer forever.

Olga Ponaryina, photographer, art critic

Художник и фотограф Олег Каплан родился в 1967 году в Москве, в семье живописца
Ярославны Каплан и писателя и сценариста Иосифа Каплана.

Среди достижений Олега - множество востребованных галереями работ (живопись и фото),
имиджевые фотосъёмки для крупных заказчиков, несколько престижных фотографических наград и
работа с крупными издательствами, большой преподавательский опыт и создание авторской
фотошколы. Олег всю свою жизнь посвятил живописи и фотографии.

Творчество Олега Каплана свершается сразу во многих направлениях: Олег активно
занимается живописью (акрил, масло), фотосъёмками стекла, предмета, модели, жанра и пейзажа.
Одна тема сменяется другой, набирая силу в каждом векторе движения. Его изобретательство
выражается в действии и обновляется в необходимой преемственности. Олег не заимствует стиль,
не подвергается влиянию, он вдохновляется и ищет нужную ему суть: в сочетаниях цветовых оттенков
Ван Гога, чудесном фото минимализме Карла Блоссфельда, геометризации и конструктивизме
Родченко, новаторстве и изумительных выдумках Ирвина Пенна, в смелости Матисса.

Олег Каплан, художник, который выводит свои поиски за «грань». Предельно полно Олег
раскрывает в своем творчестве экспрессию «живого человека» через живописные портреты и
фотографические серии портретов и Ню. Мы можем увидеть работы, посвященные жанру натюрморта
(бутылки, стулья, фрукты, рыбы и тд), как нарисованные, так и отснятые на плёнку. Практически
каждое направление в искусстве Олег «отработал» с двух сторон – со стороны живописи и
со стороны фотографии.

В авторах такого исключительного своеобразия нас привлекает авторитет личности, нешуточность
взятой задачи, безоглядная готовность пожертвовать собой ради своей истины. Собственное искусство
Олега Каплана развивалось и развивается без срывов, без внезапных пустот.

Василий Кандинский пишет о том, что каждый «культурный период создает свое собственное искусство,
которое не может быть повторено». Дух времени — как необходимое условие, как данность, через
которую Олег реализует свое примирение с окружающим миром. Фотография и живопись как
вызов, как способ трансформировать существующую реальность, как поиск реальности
необыкновенной, новой, другой.

В настоящее время Олег Каплан живет и работает в Москве,
преподаёт фотографию, сотрудничает с галереями.

Супруга, Ольга Каплан, известный фотограф и художник-график (www.olgakaplan.com).